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10 Steps to Calculate The Mobile App Development Lifecycle

App Development
Nov 02, 2020
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Mobile App Development Lifecycle

Mobile app development has provided easy methods of accessing different platforms that matter most to us. From games to social media networks, mobile applications have become so presiding in the billion-dollar market of smartphones. Enhancement in mobile application development has got a boom as people spend 80% of their time on smart devices that are passed to mobile apps. So, here we have provided this guide so that you can have an idea of crucial steps included in Mobile App Development Lifecycle.

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10 Crucial Steps that are Important in the Mobile App Development Lifecycle

If you are thinking of creating a mobile app for your business, no matter if it is small or medium-sized. You need to know about what it takes exactly to develop it. If you take a look at these mobile use statistics, it will tell you the complete story of businesses through these following points-

  • Mobile phone users spend 80% time on mobile phones by using apps.
  • Over half of their time, users spend time on digital media.
  • 85% of users use native mobile apps rather than mobile websites. 
  • An average user has near 30 apps installed in their smartphone and also spends 35 hours using them monthly.

These points clearly define the importance of developing an app, and the made decision regarding this is not something to take lightly. Around 1.5 million apps are included in Apple’s app store and Google Play, so it is necessary to calculate the process of mobile app development and how your App can be fit for both your marketing objectives and market niche. Check out the mobile app development process and the objectives along the way-

Crucial Steps that are Important

1. Market Discovery & Research, And Tech-stack

It might be possible that you already have some of the best mobile app ideas for the enterprise, and it is good to think in favour of starting the business. But before proceeding it in terms of designing and development, you should have deep research for the market where you think you’ll get your target audience and competitors as well. In this case, you have to answer the below questions-

  • Who are the people included in your target market?
  • What purpose do you have for your target, and does your purpose fit in your mobile marketing plans?
  • What platform will be beneficial to your business?
  • What expectations do you have from your target audiences in terms of using your App?
  • What kind of mobile application development framework and language, you want to use?
  • What type of advantages your competitors have regarding apps and their features?
  • What is your budget to develop an overall mobile app?
  • What timeline do you have for app development, and at what time you will launch your App?
  • How will you and your market do the app promotion?

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If you don’t have the answer to all these questions, then first find out those answers. Be together with your development team and related department’s members like sales and marketing, executive leadership, IT, product development, etc. After that, hash out the data you collected at the time of discovery and research phases. All the informed feedback in this early stage will make way for an easy development procedure.   

2. Defining Mobile App Objectives and Goals

It is a critical step in the entire mobile application development process. When you have decided an app will contain essential advance objectives in the mobile marketing planning, you require to line out how your App will get the following-

  • What type of features will it include?
  • What problems will your mobile App solve for its users?
  • What is the core appeal of your mobile App?

In so many cases, deciding the benefits and features of your App is a balancing act between the whole app development procedure budget and in-house potentials. Although, when it is about giving preference to functionality, analytics shows that mobile app design must emphasize consumer engagement rather than expensive services.   

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3. Build a Roadmap

It is the next step taken by mobile app development company, after the deciding goals for your App. It includes developing the mental picture of the position where you expect your App to be presented at some time. But before this, make sure you can monetize your App and can search a method to involve in your app roadmap. 

Don’t be quick to launch your App in the market if you don’t have a proper monetization strategy including paid App, in-app purchase, and also premium features. You can look out for marketing strategies to apply and also take the help of MVP (minimum value product) for the users.

4. Storyboards and Wireframes

It includes the scope of work and striking features, and what pieces of the procedure will be executed in-house and what will not. After that, now it’s time to develop a storyboard. There are available various online app tools for wireframing, and the goal must be to create a clear picture of the proposed features and ideas into a functional app. Consider these pointers-

  • Concentrate on the customer experience 
  • Keep the focus on the chances for brand incorporation.
  • Keep in mind the differences in such a way that customers use a mobile app in comparison to a mobile website. 

5. Designing the Backend of Mobile App

In terms of mobile app development services, storyboards and wireframes will act as a guide for the backend design that you will require to support the App. It will include data diagrams, data integration, think APIs, servers, and push notifications. In various cases, small-medium enterprises select the BaaS platform (mobile backend as a service) that makes sense. This platform is helpful to resolve the general issues like lack of in-house talent and scalability. 

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6. Working on a Prototype

Some so many developers go for market discovery first and then for development. They use various tools to run the App for a long time. These included tools are workflows, wireframe, and push notifications that will increase the customer experience. Before applying it to your mobile application development platforms, collect all the tools and start working on a prototype. 

7. App Development

If you are not applying for a mobile BaaS provider or an app development platform, the app developers have to set up some storage solutions. It includes APIs, servers and databases for app backends. For the coding and programming phase, if you have hired someone from outside for app development, make sure to have a non-disclosure signed agreement and create a timeline for deliverables. Also, use the amazing UI/UX interface; after all, you are developing an appropriate app. And, you want your target audience, and customers enjoy using the App.   

8. Running Tests on the App

After completing the app development and containing it with the most perfect and exciting graphics, it’s time to test it. You require to test the App in different scenarios to find the bugs and mobile app developers to fix the technical issues. For improvement, you can test it with your known people and observe them while using the App. Take real-time feedback and try to solve the issues. Analyze the cross-platform capabilities of graphics, images, and user experience.  

9. Preparation for App Launch

Steps taken for the devising of the app launch can have a great impact on app success. If you involve your marketing department in this procedure, it will be significant and good as it will help in keyword researching for ASO (App store optimization) and SEO. Make a video for app promotion and have high-quality app screenshots. Along with it, you will also require a website or a landing page to promote and support the App.    

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10. Official Launch of the Mobile App

After completing all the steps of mobile application development, your App is ready to enter the market. Now it is the right time to generate some buzz with articles and write-ups via influential journalists and bloggers. Send notifications to users so that they will open the App. Consider the analytics and track the KPIs to define the app success for marketing goals.      

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Future Proof your Business with our Mobile App Development Services 

What seems normal today, was not even in our dream a few years back. Isn’t that great!! Most businesses had changed their way of work, to keep themselves alive in the market

Those who are not able to evolve with time are lost in the deep sea. We can’t predict unforeseen challenges. But we can opt, new strategies and innovative technologies.

That can bring a new shape to our businesses. The significant reasons for the growth of the business are emerging mobile apps. These facts are enough to tell you how mobile and mobile game app development services are growing in leap and bounds

With over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving. App usage and smartphone penetration are still growing at a steady rate, without any signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

At the few noteworthy business benefits provided by a mobile app development services.

  • It Facilitates CommunicationImprove Customer Loyalty
  • Promote Sales of Company
  • Enhance Customer Engagement
  • Offer Competitive Edge
  • Increase Brand Recognition

Delivers the next-generation business mobile apps by integrating advanced features to meet diverse business needs. We are proficient mobile application developers with in-depth knowledge of multiple frameworks and platforms while achieving the client’s overall goal.

From backend development to front end development we take care of everything at the standard rates. Our instant messaging app development works on multiple platforms like Android and iOS mobile app development. It offers real-time text transmission over the internet.


So, we have discussed all the major steps of Mobile App Development Lifecycle. However, the convenience that comes via accessing the apps is not similar to the app development phase. Development of vibrant mobile apps is not a simple task for the developers. For this purpose, various developers are looking for smooth ways for mobile app development. There is no ready-made solution in the market if you are looking for methods to acknowledge and calculate the lifecycle of mobile app development, right from the roadmap development to mobile app development. 

For providing you ease with the mobile app development, BR Softech is ready to take the initiative and provide you guidance. Being a leading web and mobile app development agency, our dedicated and experienced developers will help you in every possible way in terms of providing you with a suitable mobile app development at a reasonable price. Connect with us for further knowledge and guidance.

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